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  • Jan. 29, 2021, 11:20 a.m.
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Daughter found out that the EpiPen script is not covered by her insurance. They’ll pay for an emergency room visit and an EpiPen injection there though. She borrowed one from her mother. I hope she never has to use it and that it will work if she does need it. I told her I’d send her the money to buy a new right now. $320 for one set.

I took another Uber ride. I had to find a notary and pick up a book from the library. 13.41 miles, 37 minutes for $7.36. So, the two rides this month were the same price as one days car ownership was. I can live with that.

During a phone call yesterday I learned that Mom did have a life insurance policy. We never did find any paperwork here at the house. So now we know.

So I guess that means I now have to decide between a piece of land somewhere or a sailboat? All I know for sure is that I really don’t want to spend the rest of my days sitting here.

I will be buying that Honda CB500X though, to go look for whatever comes next.

And last night, after weeks of shopping and watching reviews on youtube I finally decided to order the most expensive watch I’ve ever bought. It is the Pagani Daytona PD 1644.


I didn’t get the rose gold. I just got the plain silver case with the white face. I hope I can read the time without my reading glasses. It was $89.99 on Amazon.

Instacart made a mistake on my last order. Instead of two bags of whole bean Kona I received one bag of ground Kona. They refunded me that bag. The driver/shopper swore he had read the list right. Sorry, dude, my “order” says otherwise. I kinda felt sorry for the guy. He seemed a little too technically challenged for the job. But hey, everybody needs to make money, right?

So there we go. My grocery bill this month was under $100. Total transportation cost was $16. Cell phone(s) (I still have Mom’s) were $45. Electric was $97. Internet (crappy internet!) was $34.99. And rent (HOA dues) is $160 ($480 a quarter).

That’s it, that’s how I’ll be able to live here on my below the poverty line income from my Social Security retirement.

Sweetwater just sent me an email informing me that the Yamaha FG800 Dreadnaught - Natural acoustic guitar is back in stock. Still on sale for $199.99.

woman in the moon January 29, 2021

I like to hear you talk about money.
I spent $140 last night at the grocery store.
No guitar though.

KittyGotClawz February 01, 2021

I watch a couple of youtubers who live on boats, sailing around the world. The places they see are fascinating.

Epi-pens are so expensive. 🙁

Jinn February 02, 2021

It’s criminal that Epi- pens cost that much money. Every day I read about some outrage that makes me think we need to demand a one payer medical system. Especially now.
You do manage your money well :-)

AppleGirl August 03, 2021

We keep talking about how little we will spend on groceries when we are only buying for the two of us.

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