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  • Jan. 21, 2021, 2:05 p.m.
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UGGGGH I have a huge list of stuff to do and I don’t want to do ANY of it. None. Boo.

Waiting for Nathan to finish a container of yogurt.. I might die before he’s done. 💀 But he begged for Starburst yogurt so he damn well better eat it.

I was cranky and didn’t realize it was because I hadn’t eaten anything but a handful of grapes (casualties of snack prep. 😋) I finally picked up an egg slicer last week and omg why did I wait?? Also picked up an avocado slicer today, already used it. Made avocado-and-egg salad over spinach, and it definitely improved my mood. I was starving but didn’t really feel it. I’m down almost 5lbs and we’re going on 3 weeks without fast food! Yay us! I don’t know Thomas’s weight progress is going… I should ask.

Silly purchase of the day: a mini waffle maker to try making chaffles (cheese waffles.) They look tasty! So I now have a chaffle maker.

Ooo. My new knife block came in. Our knife block is almost 12 years old, either that or almost 14 if it’s one I purchased when I got my first apartment, though Thomas thinks we got it as a wedding present. Either way, it’s a Farberware set from Wal-Mart, soooo it’s time to upgrade. Found a pretty set on Amazon for a decent price, which will hopefully stand up to some abuse.

I picked up some super cute stuff for Nathan (I shouldn’t be allowed in Wal-Mart unsupervised…) I got him new underwear, pajamas, and an outfit with shorts, shirt, and hoodie, and they’re alllll Baby Shark. He’s gonna have a meltdown. He loves Baby Shark. Also found some cheap jeans and.really soft long sleeves in great colors on clearance. I really need to do a closet purge....

Ugh. Still need to get up and clean and pack. BLEH. I’m directing Nathan through cleaning his room and bathroom cuz he’s gonna be responsible and capable if I have to beat it into him. He’s slowly learning. 🤞

I really can’t complain… Cleaning everything really isn’t as exhausting or overwhelming as usual. I’ve been better about doing the basics. I think I’ve been in a slump the last couple months (or year....) and am clawing my way out.

I actually got Nathan’s first broken board and belt into the display case! I just need to print a couple pics and design lettering for it with the dates and whatnot. It’ll be cute. I kinda hope he sticks with it.. He really seems to like it.

It is a gross, drizzly day. I think I’m hurting for sunshine… My batteries are drained. This is a job for coffee.


ConnieK January 21, 2021

The kids will grow up and life will become quieter and quieter. It's kinda good (free!) but also sad (missing younger days).

Lucretia January 22, 2021

Money spent on kitchen gadgets is rarely money wasted. Even my rarely used items are the best thing EVER! when I need them.

I think I need to go and make waffles now thanks to your entry - good thing I have a waffle iron!

TX Tornado Lucretia ⋅ January 22, 2021

Do ittttt!

Lucretia TX Tornado ⋅ January 22, 2021

I made burgers and chips for dinner, waffles for lunch tomorrow :D

Jinn January 22, 2021

I need to go kitchen shopping too ; :-) Not that I am much of a cook !

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