Thursday Afternoon... in And So It Goes....

  • Jan. 14, 2021, 10:32 a.m.
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Aside from someone knocking on my door in the middle of the night, it was a basically quiet night. I did not get up to answer the knocking. After which, I heard someone make a “noise of frustration”. Had someone knocked very loudly, and had they yelled, “emergency”, I definitely would have tried to be the first responder.
It is a very nice day here, in the Upper Ohio Valley, 40s, sunny and winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour, not bad for a January day. I took advantage of the mild weather and went shopping, on the bus.
For now, that is basically it.

tracker2020 January 14, 2021

Knock on wood or anything for the quiet. Hope it remains that way. :-)

chocolatechip tracker2020 ⋅ January 14, 2021

Thank you!

Deleted user January 14, 2021

I hate midnight knocks. Actually, I wish people wouldn't knock on my door, period. Unless they're delivering something to me. Oddly, delivery services don't seem to knock anymore.

chocolatechip Deleted user ⋅ January 14, 2021

I was telling Bear (my bf whom is a nrsg. home resident), that when someone knocks very lightly, they may be checking to see if your door is unlocked, so they can break in.

Deleted user chocolatechip ⋅ January 14, 2021

That makes sense.

chocolatechip Deleted user ⋅ January 15, 2021

They knocked again, last night.

Deleted user chocolatechip ⋅ January 15, 2021

Not good. Please stay safe.

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