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  • Jan. 13, 2021, 1:41 p.m.
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Covid cases are at an all-time high in my county, so I’ve decided to forgo the gym for the time being. Literally no one wears a mask in there… So I walked the dogs and did some leg workouts. Fucking squats… They did me in. My legs are like ‘WTF LADY?!?’ I took Nathan around the block on his bike after picking him up and getting some lunch in him. Now I’m a lump on the couch. Maybe I’ll actually open my computer and write??

I’m at 4800 steps for the day… Goal for this week is minimum of 5k per day, but I’ve hit between 7-8k the last 2 days, thank you housework. Not having a job makes it surprisingly difficult to actually be active without going out of your way to do things. I’m gonna be walking the dogs 3x a day just to get my steps in when I eventually bump all the way up to 10k a day. I’ll get through the week before I decide what the next milestone will be.

All this moving and shaking has me ready to nap… I slept great last night, yay. Took some of my hubs’s melatonin. But yeah, squats apparently killed me…


The Thirsty Oriental 2 days ago

Sounds like you've earned that nap!

TX Tornado The Thirsty Oriental ⋅ 2 days ago


ConnieK 2 days ago

I avoid maskless people/venues, too.

Two Hermits and a Cat 2 days ago

Since I got my fitness tracker, I nearly always hit 7,000 steps without trying too hard, but 10,000 is a challenge. I never went to the gym in the first place, but every time I drive by Planet Fitness they are PACKED. With all that heavy breathing, it seems like it would be risky even with masks when they’re that crowded.

Lucretia 2 days ago

Squats are the devil's work.

TX Tornado Lucretia ⋅ 2 days ago


Jinn 2 days ago

Squats . I would rather be shot :-)

TX Tornado Jinn ⋅ 1 day ago

It feels like I've been shot. In both thighs. Repeatedly.

Jinn TX Tornado ⋅ 1 day ago

Yuck !

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