2 jobs, 1 mom, arguing husband means no rest in ?

  • Jan. 13, 2021, 11:43 a.m.
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I have been telling my mom for months to get her vehicles legal. I have done multiple trips between both my jobs she still hasn’t done it. I asked her if I need to quit both jobs to babysit her or be her taxi. It has been over 6 months get the damn stuff done. I told her take my car while I am at work and get it done today. Quit making excuses. I am fucking tired of bending over backwards and her doing nothing.

She asked me why can’t I do it for her on my day off? I work 6 out of 7 days I week. I am so tired! Today I tried to sleep in between mom whining i need to care for her cant I call in? and Talan starting fights over my mother I can’t rest.I am not allowed to sleep.

She told me to make her will for her. She is upset because I told her to do it herself I have to go to work. I don’t know how to do a will I don’t know what she wants.

I am going to try to take a 30 minute nap before work. I got to grab an energy drink on the way to work. Talan keeps me up with his insomnia. I wish he would just take sleeping pills at night.

I got mom upset because I told her someday soon I am going to grow tired and just move far far away. A place with a better paying job a place made for peace. I am just so tired. I need to rest.

Beret 6 days ago

Your mother is unreasonable and asks too much of you. I normally don't condone lying but why don't you tell her you are now working 7 days a week? Or perhaps look at it as your day off IS work; you are resting. That is your work for the day. Don't be a piece of carpet and let her walk all over you.

Lady of the Bann 6 days ago

Take care of yourself. I am not one to give advice. Really. I know how hard it is. I used to work 2 Jobs, look after my 3 kids, husband and Mum. Do all the housework, cleaning and cooking and gardening. Some of the time when husband wasnt even working at all. It was an awful life for years. I ended up walking out, leaving my house.it way either that or go crazy. Taking youngest with me, as the other two were away by then. Then Mum started expecting more of me and no amount of time was good enough, even though my health wasn’t good. (COPD).even she told me I was doing too much, but didn’t see herself as the one to lose out by my cutting down. I retired 6 years ago. I kept telling myself to take control, I shouldn’t be allowing other people to ruin my life. I did say no to my mum, but then I was the worlds worst daughter, she wished I had never been born and never wanted to see me again. That hurt. It still hurts I suppose. She died 4 years ago. Then I became my stepdads carer which took more time but he appreciated everything I did which made a big difference. I became my husbands carer and then he died nearly 2 years ago and my stepdad died in October. Now I just have my daughter with mental health problems and granddaughter to look out for. So life is a lot easier. As it should be nearing 70. I know I shouldn’t have been so capable for all those years. Other people play helpless, don’t drive a car so they can’t run around after people. I found I had to go away on holidays to get away from everything and everyone. It’s how I got the travel bug. I wish I had learned to say No. we really should put ourselves first sometimes.

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