What's Been Going On... in And So It Goes....

  • Jan. 12, 2021, 2:20 p.m.
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This morning, I thought I heard a noise like someone taking a dog on a chain to my neighbor’s apt. This would have been about 6am. I had had my coffee. I took my morning medications and then took a good shower, because I needed to talk to my landlord about what went down yesterday evening, which I think I mentioned in my last entry. In a nutshell, the two nuisance apts. on either side of me caused much disruption between the hours of 5pm and 8pm.
Late this morning, I was leaving my apt. to take a cart back to the laundry room, when my ex-friend said hi as she was leaving her apt. I told her I could not talk to her, after which I thought I heard her tell me to go to hell. Does she not remember all of the terrible things that she did to me, like telling her daughter things that I never even said? That fueled the whole disintegration of my friendship with her. And she had the nerve to tell ME to go to hell? If I am guilty of anything, ANYTHING, it was of trying to be a great friend to her, which I was. Goodbye and good riddance. It is what it is, or it was what it was, whichever you prefer.

Abritelight January 13, 2021

I think she wants to instigate something. Good for you to move right along. She is passive agressive or something. Ugh! it would be nice if they got evicted or found a different place to live.

chocolatechip Abritelight ⋅ January 13, 2021

That is my prayer, my friend. I'll write all about it in my entry. Thank you for your note. :)

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