The sweet allure in Morning Stream

  • Jan. 12, 2021, 10:07 a.m.
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I can go days and days without speaking to anyone. I can go weeks, even months without having any kind of meaningful conversation. Is it apathy or is it just an aversion to social clutter? Maybe something else. People are information machines. We process what is coming in, filtering out the stuff that does not agree with our world view and then we process the stuff as it is going out again. I don’t feel the need to be part of that process, at least in terms of talking. I can do that here. I can write down my thoughts. I can work things out on paper. I don’t need a sounding board.

In fact the last time someone asked me my opinion about something, I did not give the answer that he was expecting and that conversation ended quickly. The topic was human rights abuses in China and I took the opinion that if it wasn’t a big deal to the majority of the Chinese people why should we care?

I want to live again in a place with a harbour full of boats and a mountain full of monkeys. I want to get up with the sun and wander into the morning market for some fruit and a light breakfast. I want to not have to think about getting exercise, just getting it naturally as I wander around mostly aimlessly, if not aimlessly then certainly without purpose.
I noticed in Kaohsiung that all the old grannies and grandpas would come out late in the afternoon, just before the sun went down and walk along the river. I suspect that they were out in the morning too and then a nice nap after lunch. I know what the Taiwanese are like. I know they like to nap.

None of my Youtube buddies who live in Taiwan talk about that. The power and propensity of an hour at lunch time is clearly under-appreciated by most North Americans. They talk about the scooters and food. Food, food, food, and sometimes an adventure.
If you are going to talk about food so much, you really should talk about the sweet allure of napping.

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*Sugar-Free* 2 days ago

I am sure that naps are a piece of heaven

Sho *Sugar-Free* ⋅ 1 day ago

Naps are part of my paleo diet

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