Student loans paid 75% off,someday to buy a house in ?

  • Jan. 10, 2021, 9:09 a.m.
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My student loan is paid off 75%. It was originally $6,000 plus ridiculous interest. Due to them putting a freeze on student loan interest during covid I decided to focus on paying a little at a time what I can afford between my bills to knock down the principal. It has really helped my credit score. After my student loan is paid off I am going to pay off what little I got on my credit card. If I try really hard I hope to be debt free by the end of this year.

I hope with working 2 jobs I can start putting money in savings and collect enough to buy a small home on a piece of property in cash. My husband and I barely get by most of the time but God knows we are trying.

My husband and I work at KFC today after work I plan to drop him off and go to moms to remove the tint from my windows. Tomorrow I work at Joann crafts. I am already burned out from both my jobs but I catch myself wondering if I should find a side hussle.

On my next day off I think I am going turn off my phone for a bit and sew more masks. This year I might sew my own clothes and see if I can build that skill. I am so grateful I know how to sew.

Kristi1971 January 10, 2021


Kristi1971 January 10, 2021

That was a really smart thing to do! High-fives!

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