Pulled over accused of being drug dealer? in ?

  • Jan. 8, 2021, 11:35 p.m.
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So tonight when I was bringing mom from the grocery store I got pulled over. I was really confused because I knew all my lights worked, my paperwork was legal and I drove safely so when I got pulled over mom asked me how did I attract a police officer I told her I have no idea. The police officer asked me if I might be a drug dealer.. I sat there confused. Why would he say I am a drug dealer? He said window tints imply I am selling drugs. I bought my car last year from a man who bought this retired police car from auction in Bluefield Virginia. I assumed the tinted windows were factory. Apparently the previous owner tinted the windows. I had no idea.

He thought I would argue when he asked me to remove the tint from my windows. I asked him how to do that because I had no idea. He asked if he could search my car I told him go for it and I even offered to do a drug test. He said obviously if I am that willing that I have nothing to hide. I am quite proud of my clean background and I am grateful that I do everything I can to do moral correctness.

He ran my plates and my drivers licence. He confirmed with my mom we just got back from getting her groceries. He was very kind and he even help me find the registration to my car. I thanked him for helping me. He was such a gentleman it was easy to be kind to him. I am grateful he only gave me a verbal warning and said he will check if I remove the tint in a few days. I think he know where both my jobs are.

The good news is I don’t work my first job till 4 o’clock tomorrow I should have some time to remove the tint. I hope I don’t damage the glass. I plan to watch YouTube videos to be sure I correctly remove it.I am really grateful this is a diy job and I don’t have to take it to a mechanic. I work 6 out of 7 days this week between both my jobs so it is hard to find time off to accomplish this goal.

My mom paid me back for buying her self cleaning litter box. She was kind enough to get a peel mask for Talan’s calluses on his feet. She also got him a pumice stone and creme to help heal his sore feet. I hope it helps him feel better.

Coal is laying at the end of the bed quietly grooming himself. My other 3 cats Ziggy, Ash and Harley Quinn are watching Talan playing videogames.. I hope someday to be lucky enough to afford my kitty’s a nice self cleaning litter box. I am seriously debating on buying one from Chewy.com or Amazon.

I am so tired.. I need to dry my uniform for tomorrow. I am so grateful to be able to have 2 jobs to afford nice things.

♬LV♬ January 08, 2021

I love the Joker. 😄 How does one go about removing tint?

*_* ♬LV♬ ⋅ January 08, 2021 (edited January 08, 2021)


I looked it up they said with a razor blade but that leaves residue.. I heard using a heat gun and slowly prying the tint away doesn't leave a nasty residue to it. Obviously I will using mom's heat gun to clean it up. I had no idea how to even remove tint till he told me.

♬LV♬ *_* ⋅ January 09, 2021

Omfg. That sounds dangerous!! 🤔😮😯

lifestartedat32 January 09, 2021 (edited January 09, 2021)


that cop needs to go. He has not established reasonable suspicion to conduct a stop and search. Check to see if there are any regulations (generally found in city ordincances or the departmnt of motor vehicle) with tinting windows. If there is, then that question "are you a drug dealer" is him being a smart ass, either way its unproffessional and he needs to go, that POS was trying to provoke you.

Anaiss 7 days ago

Aside from the previous comments, which are right on target, I just think.... wow. Tinted windows make you a suspected drug dealer? I know you live in a small town in a totally different part of the country so maybe that's a reasonable assumption there but it's hard to imagine. Here in the Seattle area there are tons of tinted windows and often that means it's someone like a Seahawks player or a well known person who doesn't want to be recognized.

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