Wanted self cleaning litter but let mom buy it to mom in ?

  • Jan. 8, 2021, 3 p.m.
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I found a $100 self cleaning litter box I really wanted at Treasure Bins. It worked well. I told my mom how excited I was.. Big mistake mom told me she wanted it that she will pay me back..it was the only self cleaning litter box they had. I pouted and decided mom’s happiness comes first. She will pay me back as soon as I get it to her house. I talked to the gentleman at Treasure Bins and told him next time he gets another one in it will be my turn. I wanted so bad for it to be mine but mom’s happiness comes first.

My mom has decided she wants to shave her head instead of telling her it is a bad idea I simply bought her 3 wigs. All the wigs I got her were black but she can get them dyed and styled how she wants. She said her hair is unhealthy and she wants to shave it off.. I believe she has the right to make that decision.

Talan isn’t feeling well. He will soon be off of work. I will drop him off after work to our house than I will spend time with mom. I hope she is mentally stable today. I bet she will have me drive her chores like she normally does.

I will work 6 out of 7 days between both of my jobs. Between KFC and Joann paychecks add up to getting paid about every 7 days which is nice when I’m expecting bills sneak up on us.

I am so tired.. I hope my belly will feel better soon. I need to sleep because I work at Joann Crafts tomorrow. I will visit mom a bit and go to bed.

Purple Dawn January 08, 2021

That's kind of you to let your Mom have it. I hope you get some rest.

Anaiss January 08, 2021

It seems like your mother really only thinks of herself. Maybe it's time for you to think of yourself?

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