2020 was in Connection Point.

  • Jan. 7, 2021, 2:08 p.m.
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2020 was nothing more than a preview of 2021. Hold on to your pink and silky panties because I predict it’s gonna get wild. When you see the giant murder hornets…it’s too late.

I did not flip my shit while watching the coup d’etat yesterday. I was in my underground bunker complex looking at my wall of Dinty Moore, so I was completely safe and gigglesnorting at the redneck Nazis I saw on TV. Plus my cat is very old and sick. I have an appointment for her at the vet on Friday and I am very worried I might have to put her down. Fuck the rest of the world my cat is sick damn it.

Speaking of Redneck Nazis…



The man in this next video is Jack Lalanne, one of the greatest ninjas that the United States has ever created in it’s secret labs. The push up he is doing is named after him. I hear he could do a hundred of them…I can do one and working toward two.https://

I promise that I will be more active and interactive in Prosebox this year. I am still considering just making a new PB account, but whatever my peoples. It’s time to nap for my third shift gig.

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Deleted user January 07, 2021 (edited January 07, 2021)


I make new accounts all the time.

Sorry about your kitty.

Mr. Mofo Deleted user ⋅ January 13, 2021

Thanks very much, Keep in touch please

DimMeOut January 08, 2021

Aww... I'm so sorry about your cat. HUGS

Crazy-ish Bitch January 08, 2021

A preview... I cry because you're so right about that,,,

Awh. Poor kitty. Big hugs for what the outcome was today.

Haha! Brilliant pushups. I'm gonna have to try. Into a burpee! ;P


Mr. Mofo Crazy-ish Bitch ⋅ January 12, 2021

Jack Lallanne into a burpee?!? What fresh hell is this?!?!?!?!?

Ferret Mom January 09, 2021

Ah yes, I've seen the video of that girl going around. She's one of Trump's "special" ones for sure.

KPink January 14, 2021

I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. :(

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