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  • Jan. 7, 2021, 1:57 p.m.
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I quit my old job yesterday. It went well. I sent the email in the afternoon, and within hours my boss had responded by wishing me and my family the “absolute best.” Can’t ask for more than that. She still doesn’t know, of course, that I plan on taking my clients with me. I feel a very lowkey anxiety about how it will pan out, but I’m hoping she never finds out. Even if she does, I don’t believe there is much she can do to stop me. It will just be uncomfortable.

This morning I shelled out the $375 for the study materials I’ll need to pass the licensing exam. The first step is to print and fill out a “study plan,” where I make a commitment to myself to spend so many hours on specific, pre-set dates studying certain, pre-determined topics. It’s very structured, which I love. Once I printed and filled out my study plan, it looks like I’ll be ready to take the exam in the beginning of May 2021. So that’s my plan.

That means I’ll be about 7 or 8 months pregnant when I take it. I knew I’d be pretty pregnant, but I’d rather take the test at 7 months than at 9 months. I just hope I can manage my anxiety. I do feel pretty good, though. The study materials I got are solid. They claim to have a 95% pass rate.

I should get a pay raise at work once I’m licensed. I believe this will give my husband and I the ability to set aside a little extra money to help us transition into our new home, which I do NOT see us moving into before our baby is born. Actually, now that I have a better idea of when I’ll be licensed (please, God—assuming my hours are approved and I pass the test), I feel kind of relieved to think that things will happen in a clear and controlled order.

  1. I will pass the exam
  2. I will give birth
  3. I will take maternity leave here, in this condo
  4. I will find a new job as a licensed clinician
  5. We will start house hunting in the winter of 2021

This would make our baby about 6 months old when we start house hunting. Hopefully I will be out of the worst of my post-partum period, starting to feel like myself again. And a 6 month old baby doesn’t need its own room in the condo. It can just stay in our room until we move. It should work out fine. If my husband has a hard time working from home, maybe we can start sending him over to my in-law’s house with our daughter on work days, and he can work out of their office. I’ll run this idea by him and see what he thinks.

Things are going to work. We just have to be patient.


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