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  • Jan. 5, 2021, 6:16 a.m.
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Someone left Frank Zappa’s Overnight Sensation in the patrol car, so I play it all night while driving from one side of town to the other, checking on the guards at the numerous construction sites. It’s certainly not marching into Poland music. The whole thing is uniquely absurd with toads in the short forest, newts in Idaho, dwarfs, panchos, and dental floss… a virtual cross section of western lore and culture bouncing around as random as dice in a soup bowl. Only about 30 minutes long, it must have gone around and around ten times during the night.

The sun comes up as I end my shift. I drive into Krawtown and leave the car in the lot, leave the keys in the drop box. I walk home as all the office workers are heading in. I like the night. I like it that it is quiet. No traffic. I like that I am opposite the mass of the population, going to bed as they are clocking in, clocking in as they are going to bed. I tell myself I like it. I like it at times like this.

I sleep till 2pm and then walk around in a haze, getting my bearings, brewing some tea. If you’ve ever worked shiftwork, you know it’s discombobulating. Waking up is like getting off an airplane after a ten or 15 hour flight, into a different time zone and climate. The nature of time changes and your relationship to time becomes nebulous. In an airport you can see a guy eating a hamburger at 7am and completely understand. You can see another guy fast asleep in a crowded lounge, middle of the day…
…and you can see a peasant in a blue uniform on the steps of the train station somewhere in Henan province and feel out of place and out of time in another way.

Lis January 05, 2021

That is one of my favorite Zappa albums, ever. (Closely followed by Sheik Yerbouti and You Are What You Is)... and now I want a hamburger.

Sho Lis ⋅ January 05, 2021

Mine too! I never get tired of listening to Frank Zappa.

Lis Sho ⋅ January 05, 2021

If it wasn't for Zappa, I'd never have discovered Adrian Belew's music, either.

Sho Lis ⋅ January 06, 2021

I looked him up on Spotify. Great guitar playing.

Lis Sho ⋅ January 06, 2021

He's amazing. He has played with many big names through the years... Zappa (obviously... that's how I got in this conversation), Talking Heads, David Bowie....If you have the chance, listen to the King Crimson album "Discipline". One of my favorites of theirs (and, obviously, he's in that band)

Lis Sho ⋅ January 06, 2021


Pretty Pink Rose - Adrian Belew & David Bowie

I could list a million things, but I'm sure neither of us have the time for that :)

Telstar January 05, 2021

Night is good..........

And it's different.

Sho Telstar ⋅ January 06, 2021

If we never had the night, we could never appreciate dawn.

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