Dragon Tears in 2021

  • Jan. 4, 2021, 10:45 a.m.
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“Sometimes life can be as bitter as dragon tears. But whether dragon tears are bitter or sweet depends entirely on how each man perceives them.” - Dean Koontz

I have once again returned to my Original Name of Dragon Tears.

I also have written at both Open Diary and at Prosebox. I am currently trying to decide between the two sites. I don’t want to pay for membership at multiple sites.

I like the block user option at Prosebox and I have a lot of friends here. I have also found that Prosebox offers a more “diverse” group of people. I am able to connect with more interesting people.

I have a real love for Open Diary as well. But my fear at this point is that I am only at Open Diary because of nostalgia.

I’ll be making a decision on where to call home soon. I do still have about 6 months on my subscription to OD, But I believe that I will begin moving my entries on OD to Prosebox to fill in the 2 years that I was MIA.

Last updated January 05, 2021

toddslife January 04, 2021

i have OD and Prosebox

Lacrime di Drago toddslife ⋅ January 05, 2021

I see a lot of people do. But unless OD comes up with a block feature that actually works, I will not be posting there as much.

Small Town Girl January 10, 2021

I chose PB over OD and I was so excited for OD to be back.

Lacrime di Drago Small Town Girl ⋅ January 10, 2021

I'm leaning this way as well. For now, I will try living in both worlds for awhile.

tracker2020 January 21, 2021

I feel like I have a split personality bouncing from PB ot OD and back. :-)

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