2 jobs, demanding mom, not enough hours in the day in ?

  • Jan. 2, 2021, 10:27 p.m.
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I work 2 jobs. Tomorrow I work 11-3 at Joann Crafts and 4-9 at KFC. My mother informed me I am going to run her around between both my jobs to run her chores. It takes me 15 minutes to make it between both jobs if traffic is generous. It would take me 30 minutes to make it to her house from my work.. The math isn’t adding up.

She told me on Tuesday I am driving her. I told her I am working every day this week between both jobs. My mom has a car She us capable of running her own chores She is just lonely. She informed me she wants me to get a third job to be her keeper. How many hours does she think there is in a day?

I am scheduled off Thursday and Friday from Joann Crafts but I work KFC. My boss is already asking me to cover shifts for the other workers who aren’t in the mood to come in.

I don’t know how to schedule both jobs, be my mother’s keeper and find time for my husband. How do people do this?

I just want to rest but I am always rushing. When I am home mom called me several times a day wanting my schedule trying to find out what time will I drive her..my brother who steals mom’s money and living rent free refuses to allow my mother to use her own truck.. He claims it his even though mom legally owns the truck.. He still threatening to move out.. Honestly I would pack their shit for them if I can quit hearing my mom complain about him.

There isn’t enough hours in the day to make everyone happy. My cats Ziggy and Coal are Happy.. I guess my cats can count right.. God I am tired..night

Lady of the Bann January 03, 2021

Would she pay you? My mum always wanted more from me.it was never enough. I owed her for looking after me as a child. When I couldnt , she wished I had never been born. Sbe died 4 years ago and i will never forgive her for what she said.I gave her all I could.

Kristi1971 January 03, 2021

How do people do this? I suspect you know the answer to that question. That's quite rhetorical.

What if you get your schedule situated and then let her know what YOU CAN run chores with her? She can make a list of all the things she needs to do and you both just do it? Set it to your terms? Will that be a compromise that works? Once per week? That way she is not hounding you. Also, if your schedule does not allow that (because two jobs of course), you can also let her know. Then turn your phone off periodically. I know this is a really tough subject for you. I know you want to do right for all the people in your life.

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