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  • Jan. 2, 2021, 5:10 p.m.
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I am testing a 4 day cbd pain patch on my endometriosis. This month isn’t like last month. Last month I was in intense pain. I was suicidal and I cried almost the entire time. I am humiliated to admit I had to call in one day because the pain was simply to much. This month thanks to the patch I haven’t cried. I haven’t called in. I have been able to effectively worked both of my jobs. Now I have been a little jittery and jumpy but honestly most of the pain is gone. I think I will fortunately be able to sleep tonight. I think I will happily buy a patch once a month since it will relieve my pain.

I was given a patch by the owner of Coalfield Cannibus. The owner has medical knowledge because before she started this business she worked as pharmacists. I often go to her to see if she has anything for my endometriosis because I fear pain pills will damage my kidneys and liver. I have no medical insurance.I hope the patch lasts the entire time I am on my period because I hurt very little but I am much more comfortable than I anticipated. I appreciate I can go for days with little pain.

I found the patch online.. I just wanted to post the web address for anyone interested

I am very tired. I think I might go to bed early I work both of my jobs tomorrow.. I work 11-3 to Joann Crafts. I work 4-9 at KFC.. I am grateful I have 2 jobs since Joann Crafts cut my hours.. They have been having a hard time getting anyone to come to work. My boss Rob confessed he was very upset to cut hours but the district manager had him cut 30 hours off the payroll this week. I only am scheduled 10 hours this week but he called me in to cover someone else’s shift tomorrow. He knows between both my jobs I am dependable.

Night everyone I am going to bed early.This patch makes me drowsy.

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