I love ya ma but no..he has to go in ?

  • Jan. 1, 2021, 11:55 p.m.
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My brother and sister in law illegally ran a power bill up in my name over $1000 after I gave them my house so they wouldn’t be homeless. As a reward for my kindness they refused to pay the bill they ran up while living there that they illegally put in my name. They refuse to pay it.

They have stolen thousands of dollars from my mother and verbally abused her.. My brother has challenged me several times to a fight not realizing the hell I will rain upon them. I have been containing myself for far to long.

My brother told my mom he is going take his $2,000 covid check and moving out. They said they plan to leave all their stuff for mom to clean up. Little do they know it will be my honor to toss all their items in the yard and set it on fire. It will be my honor to bomb the house over and over again to get rid of all the many cockroaches my sister in law brought in. I don’t know mom’s intention with the apartment. My brother destroyed it while living there. He littered the yard destroyed the property.

He told my mom he was going to illegally take her truck because he felt entitled. She told him once he leaves her property stays. They have been arguing about this. He said he was going take what he wants whether it is hers or not because she simply isn’t brave enough.

Today mom asked me why haven’t I been visiting her. I told her the truth I want nothing to do with my brother and sister in law. I got tired of her being abused and allowing them to run her over. I got tired of protecting her and her pretending I am the bad guy. I told her I love her but it is time to be strong enough to fend for herself. I told her once they leave I will help her clean up and do repairs but tom and lesa the family I once knew.. I got to stay away from toxic people and figure out my own life.

I work 9-3 tomorrow. Joann Crafts cut me to 10 hours a week quite suddenly. Obviously I am doing job applications. I deserve better than how I am treated.. I will earn respect or I will cut ties. It is better to fight for freedom than enable others. I hope I find a full-time job soon.

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