dystopian ball drop in Morning Stream

  • Jan. 1, 2021, 10:05 a.m.
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I got up this morning and banged my head on a cabinet corner when trying to get the coffeemaker working. I had overfilled it and it has shorted itself out (I think). It is currently upside-down in the sink. Not once, but twice I banged my head on the cabinet corner, drawing blood both times.
This is no way to start the first day of the year. This is no way to start day 59 on my countdown to March 1st. This is no way to start any day.
I make a double cup of Keurig coffee and bring it upstairs to my office loft.
The internet has stopped working. You’ve got to be kidding? I unplug it, count to ten and plug it in again. It works. I was beginning to wonder.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Classical music. Giuseppi Verdi. Italian operas. I click on that.

Ok, so here we are. A new year.
The only thing about things starting poorly is the hope that they can only get better.

Mattie came over last night and we had appetizers, a couple bottles of nice wine and two rounds of a Spanish card game that Issy taught us a couple years back, when she was home from Spain but not yet gone again out west.
Mattie went home at about 10:30, walking in the road as the sidewalks are so icy. Me and the missus went downstairs, lay in bed and watched ball drop streams on the projector TV. There was one great stream playing atmospheric music as the web cam showed a mostly empty square. There was a line of cops in the distance and you could almost make out crowds of people in the distance.
Actionkid was there streaming too. Actionkid is the king of the walking around video genre. He had a spot with a distance view of the ball drop, but boring…Eventually we landed on a stream that was both irritating and lame (the hosts were trying far too hard to fake excitement) and after the ball had dropped they played all this smaltzy music in the square, cutting out of Aud Lang Syne before it ended into New York, New York and then the What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)/Somewhere Over the Rainbow (on Ukulele by that extra fat Hawaiian guy).
Gawd. I turned it off convinced that the western world is totally fucked.

*Sugar-Free* January 01, 2021

lol oh my. I came down the computer not working as well and had to shut down. Happy New Year.

Sho *Sugar-Free* ⋅ January 02, 2021

Too bad we can't rebook other things in our lives as easily.

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