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  • Dec. 31, 2020, 12:04 a.m.
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After I got off of work at Joann Crafts I called my second job KFC to see if they put me on the schedule. Not yet! I go to buy cat food at Dollar General i worked at 2 years ago. When the new boss finds out I used to work there as a keyholder they begged me to put in an application because apparently they heard stories about me from my old boss Josh! Now Josh was a womanizer who apparently told the new bosses that I am dependable but a force not to be reckoned with. He warned them about my temper but hey I am nice to the customers! They have been begging me all week to put in an application.. Only God knows how this will end up.

I notice online a very interesting job on indeed. At $15 an hour full time job! Basically you are a funeral assistant. I obviously put in an application.

Now I don’t fear the dead I fear the living! The living causes all my problems. In my late teens early 20s I felt so safe in graveyards I slept in them! My ex was abusive he never looked for me there after he tried one of the many times to kill me. Some people avoid graveyards I view them peaceful and beautiful. The graveyard made me feel safe as if the guardians and angels were there to conceal me. My mom knew if I vanished look for my car by the mausoleum. Once I explained to the staff of my psycho now ex them and the police protected me. I really appreciate their protection and wish years later I can thank them whoever they were.

Once my dad died in 2018 I would lay a blanket down and have a picnic by his grave. I brought his favorite foods and cried. When I visit my dad I talk to him. It brings me comfort.. Those little picnics help me adjust from dads loss. It give me comfort to think he listens. My dad taught me to build houses, maintain my vehicles, grow a garden if I ever have a kid I hope to teach them the positive skills my father taught me! I hope to leave the negative far behind.My future children will never meet their grandpa but I hope to be a better mother than how I was raised. Children do not have to be raised in their parents childhood traumas.

I have off tomorrow. I think I am going to teach myself to crochet better. I believe any skill you are taught learn to do it with love. I wish I had people to teach me other skills.. I think YouTube will help me with some

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