Oil change for retired cop car,looking for stable work in ?

  • Dec. 30, 2020, 2:30 a.m.
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Talan accidentally drove the car with no oil in it. His family topped the oil afterwards but I decided to just get an oil change for it.It needed it! The company who did the oil change washed my car and even cleaned out the inside of it. I bought a nice seat cover for my seat at Goodwill and thanks to Treasure Bins I found a small I car diagnostic scanner for $3. I felt accomplished for accomplishing so much for my car in such a short time. I even took the car to Advance and checked for codes. Eventually I will need to replace the sensor for the oil and the censor for the tire pressure. At Advance they said it doesn’t immediate need don’t but eventually.

Thanks to the car wash most of the glue left over from where someone tried to remove the police stickers from my retired police car mostly came off. I have some scratches left where the stickers damaged the car but I caught myself very proud of my little retired police car.

I picked Talan up from work to get a text that my first boss at Joann cut everyone’s hours. I almost cried when I realized they cut me to 10 whole hours. I feel very fortunate for my 2nd job at KFC because they are planning to put me on the schedule there. I feel sorry for other people who is currently depending on Joann Crafts to pay their bills.

I am seriously debating on putting in a job application for Dollar General across the road from my house. I used to work for them 2 years ago and due to the previous boss Josh no longer working there I consider it a friendlier atmosphere. I don’t know if they will hire me back or not because 2 years ago I slipped on a wet floor and broke my ankle there. I got the medical help I needed but never threw a fit or anything. I would have much rather earn a paycheck than stay home.

I hope soon to find stable income preferably full time. I don’t like how easily Joann Crafts can just cut my hours.

I work at Joann Crafts in the morning. I am not sure when I work my KFC job. Money is tight but 1 thing is certain my car runs a lot better since the oil change.

I hope my husband will quit munching on the popcorn and let me sleep soon! God I am tired.

Deleted user December 30, 2020

Retired cop cars are usually a good deal because they have probably been well cared for in the past.

I would definitely get the oil sensor replaced as soon as you can. But you can skip the tire pressure sensor altogether if you want to save money. Just check the tire pressure manually every now and then.

*_* Deleted user ⋅ December 31, 2020


queenofegypt December 30, 2020

Sorry about the cut in hours. Hope you find what you need!

*_* queenofegypt ⋅ December 31, 2020


Kristi1971 January 02, 2021

I'm so glad you have your KFC job! People like to go to KFC no matter the time of year, so hopefully their hours will be more regular. JoAnn Fabrics was likely needing you more for the holidays and now it's the post holiday period. Hugs.

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