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  • Dec. 29, 2020, 4:14 p.m.
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Guys, I just got my kid to take a nap for me for the first time in literally a month. Maybe longer. At this moment it seriously feels like a fucking miracle.

I’m on about day three of relief from my pregnancy symptoms, and not only that, but yesterday I got to see my little one on ultrasound. It is so perfect. I wasn’t feeling very attached to my fetus before, but after getting to see the profile of the face for the first time it was instant love, and my whole mood has changed. I’m feeling very optimistic about everything now.

We’re going to publicly announce our pregnancy on New Year’s Day. I’ve put together a cute outfit for our daughter, and she’s going to hold a chalk sign that says, “I’m going to be a BIG SISTER.” We’ll take a separate photo of myself and my husband, and then we’ll post those two pictures along with a digital baby announcement picture from Etsy. We can plug in our favorite ultrasound picture. It’s going to be cute.

We will likely learn the gender of our fetus early because our insurance will cover the noninvasive prenatal testing to check for chromosomal abnormalities, and you can find out the gender from that test as well. We’ve officially settled on our boy name and our girl name. The boy name is Locke Andrew and the girl name is Morgan Rose.

I also told my husband that we don’t have to totally rule out getting a house before the baby is born. I’d still like to speak to some realtors and hash out our options a little more. I know if we wait until after the baby is born, that may present some issues too (like me being essentially “out of business” for up to a year). We’ll see!

I’ve also started mentally scoping out how we can fit a baby into our current condo. It’s definitely possible if necessary.

I’m about to order my friend, Terra, some fancy c-section recovery underwear with a silicone insert, and then I haven’t decided how I’m going to spend the rest of this luxurious free time. I may try to take a nap myself.


Last updated December 29, 2020

JustSurviveSomehow December 29, 2020

So exciting about seeing the baby! I hope that you post your pregnancy announcement here too!

The Thirsty Oriental December 29, 2020


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