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  • Dec. 28, 2020, 7:08 p.m.
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For a smoke, I went downstairs and out to the parking lot. Bobbie was out in the parking lot, yelling at her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is an alcoholic. As was previously stated, Bobbie is a drug addict. She also was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I would tend to think that, unless the diagnoses of this couple are controlled, which they are not, it could be a recipe for disaster. Although they have fought and broken up many times before, they always seem to find their way back to each other. Perhaps like attracts like in that they both are way out of control. I walked through the breezeway, spotting Bobbie, out in the parking lot, where she stood, visibly shaken and upset. She and I are not on good terms, because she knows that I refuse to get sucked into her “drug culture”, by hanging around with her. As I started to say, before I went off on a tangent, I walked through the breezeway, then out to the benches for a smoke. Another girl, was standing at the end of the breezeway, and made no attempt to speak. Neither did I. As I was sitting there, smoking my cigar, Bobbie was spewing out words that are probably not even in the Webster Dictionary, LOL. She yelled out to her boyfriend that he was a drunk, and that he needed help. I think he left. It was very dark out there. As she went back into the building, I think that she was saying to the other girl, that her boyfriend’s alcoholism contributed to the present state of her mental health. I think that I am going to go out now, to have another smoke. Like the title of the song by Mary J. Blige, I hope there is “No More Drama”, LOL.

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