Day 63 in Morning Stream

  • Dec. 28, 2020, 9:48 a.m.
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If my math is correct, that means I’m 1/3 of the way there.
And it’s back to work today if you call what I do work. It’s not. It’s farting around, acting like I have the answers, prodding and cajoling the cattle into the paddock, and then kyboshing the beasts into submission.

So, Krawtown has another firebug. Three fires on Wednesday night after three or four fires every two weeks during the recent past. What is it with arsonists that there seems to be an endless supply in this town. It’s interestesting, sure from a socialogical point of view, but nowhere near as compelling as the gang that was stealing ATMs a couple of winters ago. They were creative. They were newsworthy. They were fun to follow, how they would first steal a truck and then break a lobby window before chaining up the ATM and pulling it into the parking lot. I imagine at that point, they would heave it into the back of the truck and take off into the night, laughing, high on adrenaline.
Two very different types of crimes. The arsonist is sick in the head. The ATM bandits were creative and resourceful and organized. Too bad they eventually go caught.

Ontario began another lockdown on boxing day. Boxed in this time till the end of January. But that’s not really newsworthy either. It has no great effect on my little life as it is now. I’m all about avoidance. Most of the time, I avoid other people, real work, responsibility, feeling sorry for myself, mistakes, risk, failure…

I clicked on a link:
“A self-made millionaire who retired at 33 says it took him months to adjust — here’s how he schedules his days to enjoy retirement”
He looks like a really boring guy. His schedule is laughable. On Monday he has an hour in the morning to “blog or surf” another hour in the afternoon to “blog or surf”, an hour and a half in the afternoon for “video games” and two hours in the evening to “read or surf”.

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