My husband and mom demand time, no time for me in ?

  • Dec. 28, 2020, 6:49 a.m.
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No matter what i do I am not good enough.l am pressured by others to run their chores. I got 2 people complaining I don’t do enough for them.I only got 24 hours in a day people! Nobody does a damn thing for me but hey I owe them more. I got 2 people competing for my time but no one here to give me a damn break. Where is love? Idk obviously life is a term or condition. Imagine all these and trying to find time to work.

KandiJo December 28, 2020

"No" is a complete sentence. You are a grown woman, set boundaries and take care of yourself. If you let others treat you like crap, they will continue to do just that.

Lunchbox December 28, 2020

You need to set boundaries and follow through with them. If you keep letting people in your life control you, it will never stop and you'll never get a break. Tell your mom no, set up a time once a month where you take her to get her stuff done (if you want). If she throws a fit or won't stop texting or calling, temporarily block her number. You're a grown woman, there is nothing she can do. Stand up for yourself with your mom and your husband. I guarantee you're stronger than you think.

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