Just because I'm unsuccessful, doesn't mean I'm an artist in Morning Stream

  • Dec. 26, 2020, 11:46 a.m.
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I started the countdown at 102 days till March 1. Today it’s only 65 more. That’s progress. I’m like a third of the way there and feeling great. Pacing myself with good habits (like morning pages, well morning words really), interesting hobbies (I’m all about youtube still, and reading books), and now a more formal exercise routine and a little more attention to diet and drinking. I should listen to the missus. She’s always right when it comes to the things that I do that harm myself.
Earlier this month I went through a Jordan Peterson phase. It is so easy to go through a phase when Youtube serves up the next one and the next one. Currently I’m going thought a Stewart Lee phase (again).

More notes from the notebook:
Jordan Petersons 10 habits:
- Go to bed and wake up at the sometime everyday.
- Negotiate
- Tell the truth
- Listen to your wife
- Make a schedule
- Use time wisely
- Clean your room
- Work out
- Eat healthy
- Write
Jordan Peterson wrote a book called 12 rules for life. They are good rules. But. I’m more into habits than rules.

I don’t visit social media accounts like facebook, linked in and twitter anymore. I completely missed instagram and tic tok. I only do Youtube. I like to watch it and deconstruct what works, what I like and what I don’t. I like looking for trends and I have joined some, maybe not trends but types — van life, westerners living in Taiwan and China, tiny homes, electric skateboards, web cams and walking around videos.
I’ve learned. I like to broadcast, not engage with people, but have them engage with me. That is not social media in it’s truest form.
That’s something like I feel about this site too. I write but only engage with some people sometime after they engage with me.

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