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  • Dec. 24, 2020, 4:18 a.m.
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Happy Holidays! Just in case we get snowed in due to the storm I went out yesterday and bought groceries. My husband was hoping to visit his family in Virginia for Christmas but I think due to what I saw on the weather report he will have to celebrate Christmas by webcam. I heard the roads will be getting really slick. I refuse to risk my wrecking my car for him to visit his family. He said if he drove we would make it but due to his driving history I refuse to risk it. He already stated he is displeased I refused to let him drive my car in bad conditions. I think he will get over it.

Christmas eve Talan works at KFC. I didn’t schedule myself at my 2nd job this week in the attempt to get more hours at Joann Crafts. My hours at Joann Crafts has been really cut so I will take my availability to the bosses at KFC and see if they can help me get more hours.

I only bought my husband and our friends Scott and Paget a present. I just wasn’t in the mood to celebrate. I told mom i will celebrate Christmas with her later after the holidays after my paychecks from both jobs hit my account!

If the roads stay good in the morning I plan to visit Treasure Bins.My favorite store in my town. They are planning a massive Christmas eve sale. As long as it isn’t to crowded i plan to look around.

I hope everyone stays safe. Happy Holidays. I plan to stay home with a bottle of Boons Farm and Red Velvet cake and watch a movie!

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