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  • Dec. 22, 2020, 3:55 a.m.
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I had to call into work due to intestinal upset. I think I might had food poisoning. The first day I couldn’t get far from the bathroom. The second day I sewed 4 masks. 2 for my coworker Lauren and 2 for me. I made 1 no sew blanket for Scott and Patch. I don’t know about them but I love their blanket. My husband was supposed to buy them a present yesterday but obviously he had other plans.

My husband when he doesn’t eat gets moody and spiteful. His mood doesn’t improve until his blood sugar improves. He was making me miserable. He wasn’t thinking I am hypoglycemic. If my blood sugar drops I throw up, and pass out. Neither one of us ate. He continue to cuss me while threatening people in traffic. I got the moody bitch donuts and his attitude changed for a moment.. From there he got worse.

He got the cbd he wanted at Coalfield Cannibus. He snapped at me when I asked him to go to the car a minute.. Dumb ass I am trying get you a gift card to the dispensary for Christmas give me a break! The dispensary gave me a 3 day cbd pain patch to try. I plan to save that for my next endometriosis episode! I hope it helps! He got what he wanted I didn’t. Why is he complaining?

I wanted to go Christmas shopping he hung out with Jared. Jared’s ex gf Dalton come in to get her things. I helped her get her things to her car. I feel like Jared did her dirty tossing her out on the street after meeting a girl online. Dalton to afraid to be alone found facebook dating found a boyfriend from there. Jack and Dalton’s son bounces between them but Jared plans to move to Kentucky to move in with his internet gf during the summer. In my opinion they moved on to fast. Less than a week and boom new partners! I guess I am more traditional. I congraduated them and kept my fool mouth shut. I don’t see rushing to a new relation a way to prevent the issues from the previous one.. Learn before you make mistakes in the next relationship!

On the way home Talan screamed over my driving I bought him pizza to discover he forgot his phone at Jared! We went back. We gave Jared a piece of pizza for him and his kid.. We made an excuse it was a reward for him finding Talan’s phone. Honestly thought he would just appreciate it.

Christmas doesn’t feel right this year. Due to covid I want to skip it. Talan criticize me says I hate his mom. It isn’t true. I love his mom but I hate covid! Can’t we decrease the risk of disease by seeing them on webcam? Instead hanging out with my friend face to face we talk on webcam. Yeah my friends are only 15 minutes away but I don’t want to get sick. I can’t explain that to Talan without his version of a temper tantrum. Can’t I just do digital gift cards and simply stay home.

I work 2 jobs. I am so damn tired! Joann Crafts cut my hours so I guess I will need to work more at KFC. I hope I can afford to get by.

I hope Lauren likes the masks I made her. I could find the wire nose pieces to go in them. Lauren plans to pay me for making her 2 masks. I have no idea what to charge her. I just enjoy sewing.

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