10 Weeks in Staying Connected

  • Dec. 16, 2020, 1:37 p.m.
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I am about 90% certain that my fetus is a boy. The main reason I think this is because of the foods I’m craving. With my daughter, I craved sweets. With this pregnancy, I’m craving savory. The other significant reason is my temper. Man, when the right thing sets me off, I get vicious. It’s very unlike me. The best example I can think of is the other day when my husband got upset because he put some chicken nuggets and French fries in the oven for dinner, and when I found out he made the whole bag of chicken nuggets I complained that I only wanted one serving.

He said, “that’s why you should just make your own dinner,” and I snapped.

I told him that he needed to stop being such a sensitive little bitch. Literally. I said that to my husband. Like, what? Who am I? I would never usually talk to him this way, but when the feeling washes over me, it hits me fast. I have done zero research on this, but my gut is like… is this what testosterone feels like?

The last reason I think it’s a boy is because I heard that if you want a different gender than the gender of your first baby, then you should try to have the baby in the opposite season, and that’s exactly what’s happening here. Their due dates are almost exactly six months apart.

If it IS a boy, we’ve been rethinking the middle name. My husband just suddenly started talking trash about the name August, saying that it’s weird to use that name if the baby is born in July. I don’t agree with him, but I also don’t want to use a name if my husband isn’t on board with it. We spent a few days brainstorming, and our latest idea is Orion, as in Orion’s belt. If we do decide to stick with that, and we have a boy, then his name will be Locke Orion.

I finished my “Christmas shopping” a few weeks ago, but I just finished getting the stocking stuffers this morning. I had already gotten my husband a few things from his Amazon wish list (a wallet, a video game, and some kind of memory card thing). So, yesterday I swung by Target and got him some beef jerky strips, Kit-Kats, a superman t-shirt, some Ice Breaker mints, and a men’s pack of sandalwood scented hygiene products like shampoo and hand sanitizer. I think that’s it.

For my daughter, I think I’ve mentioned it like four thousand times, but she’s getting a kitchenette from IKEA, pretend play food, a wardrobe, and a couple princess dresses. For her stocking, I got her new Play-Doh and some accessories for it, toddler finger nail polish, some bath toys, The Very Grouchy Ladybug (book), and a set of Finding Dory action figures.

ALSO, for my daughter—for her birthday, a week after Christmas—I got her a tricycle. And I got her Finding Dory themed birthday stuff: cake and cupcake toppers, a banner, and a personalized t-shirt. I’ll probably just get her a small cake from a local grocery store bakery and a big bow to put on the tricycle. We’ll celebrate with my in-laws, like we’ve done with most celebrations since the pandemic.

I think my daughter just went through some kind of developmental leap, because she just seems so much bigger and more capable now than she did just a few short weeks ago. She can understand pretty much any basic sentence, which has been really helpful, and she’s starting to say a ton of new words. I can’t even remember them all. But, for example, she used to call her blanket “bah,” because she couldn’t say the whole word. Now she can actually say, “banket.” She also used to sign, “milk,” and now she can say it. And she’s gotten way better at actually saying, “help,” but for some reason, when she says help, she whispers it, haha. It’s a very quiet, “hep.”

She’s also been very in tune with me. She really wants me to be happy with her, so she’s been trying really hard to listen. It’s really sweet. Even when she’s really upset because she wants something, she’ll try to hear me through her tears. And my poor husband. She really doesn’t want much to do with him most of the time. He’s taking it pretty well, but I know it hurts his feelings.

Lastly, I cannot for the life of me decide how I want to publicly announce my pregnancy. I thought I would do some kind of Christmas related picture announcement, but now it’s too late to order personalized t-shirts. They won’t arrive on time. It’s not a big deal, because everybody who is important pretty much knows already. But still. I’d like to do something cute. Sigh.

All right, well. I think I’m going to go snack and lay around until my next client.

Until next time <3

Lis December 16, 2020

I didn't have any opposites for cravings for my boy and girl, but the one difference is that when pregnant with my first (a boy), I had no morning sickness. If I felt a bit ill, just ate something tiny (every hour or so) and i was fine. My daughter had me puking alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day

Original Rose Lis ⋅ December 16, 2020

I've heard that from other women, too. I had morning sickness with both pregnancies, but with my first pregnancy (a girl) the morning sickness was primarily in the morning. This time, it gets much worse in the evening.

Lis Original Rose ⋅ December 16, 2020

I had no other differences that I am aware of

Gonewiththebreeze December 16, 2020

I used to read your old diary and just found you in the front page!!! Congrats on your second baby!!!

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