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  • Dec. 15, 2020, 6:41 p.m.
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I spent three or four hours on the phone with carvana on Saturday. My phone wouldn’t send the three pictures I needed to send (front and back of DL and odometer). The damn thing just kept saying “sending . . .” I gave up after a couple of hours checking on it every ten minutes or so. The gal called me back and for the next couple of hours she helped me send the three pictures to my email, download them to my laptop and then post them in the “Submit” box online. So yeah, nearly a whole day just to have her say “Okay, now you’ll get an email saying what to do next and then call this number at 9am on Tuesday.

I get an email saying I need to bring my dead mother to the drop-off. Fuck it. I closed my email until this morning.

So I call at 9am this morning and listen to some robot gal telling me “Wait time is under five minutes” for a half hour. Finally a female human answered and the process continued. She called the credit union and got a verbal confirmation of the pay-off (which couldn’t be done Saturday because the picture hassle took us past the closing time for the credit union of noon). And then. And then. The goofy gal wanted me to upload a picture of Mom’s DL! Really? So, for the next hour with no help from her, I tried to figure out how I’d done that before. Finally, she said she had the picture. I said “I hope you don’t want a picture of the back of it too.” She said she didn’t. I said “That’s good because I have no clue how that happened.” She then said she was going to put me on hold and get me a drop-off scheduled.

After another fifteen minutes on hold she dropped my call. What the fuck? Not even a “Goodbye”? Just hung up on me. Fucking rude.

So, after a two-and-a-half hour phone call I went and checked my email and found a fresh email saying that my drop-off was scheduled and that BOTH owners who are on the title need to be present at the drop-off.

All this after I told her that Mom is dead. There is an “or” between our names on the title. The insurance is in my name. I have power of attorney and am executor of the estate, and that the license bureau has been closed since March because of a global pandemic so there won’t be any title changes anytime soon and I don’t have the title anyway, the credit union does. Which she replied after I’d uploaded Mom’s DL that that should be all I needed.


I’ll go to the drop-off. I’ll have Mom’s DL and the power of attorney with me just in case. And if they’ve fucked something up and the deal doesn’t go through I’ll just drive away and call the credit union and tell them to come and get their car.

The way I feel right now I don’t think those TWO DAYS on the phone were worth $2500.

That was two days I could’ve been reading a book or napping!

Anyway, we’ll see what happens on the 21st.

Emily December 15, 2020

Unbelievably obnoxious. Hope it all works out.

Jinn December 21, 2020

Ugh! Maybe it would be better to go through a dealership than all that hassle. Sending you good thoughts!

woman in the moon December 24, 2020

Last death I was involved with - power of attorney is cancelled at the person's death. Good luck.

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