Still waiting X2. in A small but passable life.

  • Dec. 2, 2020, 9:34 a.m.
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Daughter is still waiting at home for her covid test to come back. She’s still feeling the same. No better, no worse.

I had a moment of financial weakness and ordered three items from my amazon wish list. And of course it was three items I didn’t really need but just wanted.

I bought a Casio watch, model #AE2100W-1AVCF for $26. It looks cool with a bunch of buttons and features I’ll probably never use. I’ll probably write more about it after I receive it and play with it a bit. It was a dollar cheaper than the most expensive watch I’d ever owned which was a Timex Indiglo for $27.

I bought a new radio, a TECSUN PL-310ET for $48. It is AM, FM and SW “worldband”. It is an upgrade from my older, heavier radio. And like the watch I’ll probably review it later.

And I bought a leather pencil pouch from the same company that made the briefcase I bought, KomalC. It is made from the same water buffalo hide as the briefcase.

Altogether the order was $95. I haven’t spent any money since October 4th so I think I’ve done fairly well.

I chose the free slow shipping. It is supposed to be here on the 10th. All my orders by this method have arrived days earlier than the stated date though. I’m in no hurry.

And to tell the truth, after a decade of having no income I’m surprised that I’ve not managed to lose my mind buying worthless stuff and things. There are fewer than a half dozen items left on my amazon wish list.

One item I know I’ll purchase if and when the invite comes is a Starlink dish ($500). And then I’ll have an excuse to build a solar set-up to power it. And then I’ll just have to wait until it is able to go mobile. And then I’ll have location options available.

Oh yeah, the weather has cooled down to more tolerable temps with the highs in the seventies and the lows in the forties. Too nice!

Jinn December 02, 2020

I can not imagine how you can escape spending money :-) Remarkable!

Jinn December 02, 2020 (edited December 02, 2020)


Crossing my fingers for your daughter . If she has it , I am hoping it’s a light case.

Babbler December 07, 2020

I wish I spent less money. You would think growing up without any kind of money at all would have made me better at it. On the plus side, I'm still the only person I know who can leave costco having spent under $`100.

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