Reasons to be with T in Daily Therapy

  • Nov. 30, 2020, 5:39 p.m.
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I wrote this list, Reasons to be with T
You like gross people
you like to be treated like a possession
you like being controlled and manipulated
you like being given the sielnt treatment when you don’t act the way you should
you like being judged for everything you do
you like doing nice things for someone who will never apprecate it
you like keeping score - fights, gifts, money, money spent on each other, sex, successes
you like being kept on a leash
you like someone who treats your friends, family and kids like trash
you like being made fun of or told you look like an old lady or dress for attention
you like being treated as if you are a cheater, liar or are untrustworthy (for no reason)
you like being told you are dumb, can’t do anything for yourself, or its a wonder you made it this long
you like being told you are lazy, dirty or a pig
you like doing only things he likes or wants to do, and he is still miserable.
You like being with someone who really IS lazy and boring and miserable and ugly and awful and hateful and disgusting and racist.

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