Hi... I'm bored. in 2020

  • Nov. 29, 2020, 7:12 p.m.
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I feel like I completely wasted this weekend.
I can’t really even say we did anything productive this weekend.

We sorta finished putting up the Christmas lights outside.

alt text

I’m never in love with Christmas lights on my house. Lol. They are such a trial and error thing. Like all these new lights we just spent $200 on (snowman + flake) are cool color lights and the wreath that I had (expensive) is warm so it doesn’t match … so we put it on multi-color.
We’re not doing the blue icicles next year which I’m happy about. I’m not a huge icicle fan to begin with. The lights around the window to the left keep falling down so… that’s a waste.

So. At least we know what NOT to do next year.

alt text

My mom got us this ornament though :)
They couldn’t fit my name so she went with the nicknames.

Uhh so Thursday/Thanksgiving- I had the pity party for a little while but got over it. Had a nice day with Andy. We didn’t do anything. I think we watched an episode of TV then he gamed. He offered watching a movie but I wasn’t in the mood.

Friday- We did NOTHING. I napped. I cleaned here and there. We ate leftovers. He gamed. I did shit online. We watched a movie.

Saturday- We ran to my mom’s to get some of my old ornaments for my work tree. We finished up the outside lights. We ran to Kohl’s for an online pick up. I made DELICIOUS cheeseburger soup. My favorite. He gamed and I did online shit.

Today- Nothing. He literally gamed all day and I did a lot of online shopping. $500+ later, I’m bored. I am over trying to think of more Christmas gifts. I get no help from him for his family. I came up with a handful of ideas for his brother/brother’s gf but “Yeah I don’t know” is the response I get. I don’t know either. That’s why I need helpppppp. But at least we got his daughter done. So officially- I got three people done. My mom, boy twin and his daughter. Girl twin has one gift on order.

I guess we’re eating leftovers today.
I am so sick of leftovers. I was sick of leftovers on Friday (which is why I made soup on Saturday but that’s gone).

I’m just getting cranky. I am so sick of hearing this game. I am so sick of Thanksgiving food.
I think I’m going to go into the bedroom and watch Christmas movies and paint my nails.

The Rocky Mountain November 29, 2020

I'd let him sort out his own brother/brother's gf. Less on your plate!

toddslife November 29, 2020

nice photos

The Thirsty Oriental November 29, 2020

I'm sick of thanksgiving food, too. Luckily, we've put a hurting on the leftovers we have. Decorations look good!

DE_mkately November 30, 2020

i want cheeseburger soup recipe!

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