Flower attempt #2. in 2020

  • Nov. 24, 2020, 3:51 p.m.
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Okay. I got more wood flowers and dye.
Here’s the results of these:

alt text

I don’t like the purple.
The red turned out nicer than I thought.

The pink was actually brighter than I wanted. I wanted a very very dull pink.

alt text

The red is decent. I am still not like OMG I LOVE THESE I NEED THEM IN WEDDING. Maybe it’ll be different once I put together the whole arrangement.

BUT I did buy already dyed ones.
They’re nice but glossier?

alt text

So. Obviously that doesn’t work to mix and match.

The thing is.... this batch actually came with instructions. The first one didn’t.
It’s a 1:1 ratio. That’s insane to me because 1oz of dye is $5 and 1oz water+1oz dye isn’t enough to do a lot of flowers. I barely had enough water to dip the flowers into.
I did more water than they suggested though. 1.5oz for red and 2oz for purple. I did 5oz for pink because I wanted light.


I’m going to buy some foam ones next. They look pretty nice but I want to see in person.

alt text

Obviously not the color I want but just showing you. I’ll buy these and see how they look in person.

In other wedding related news-
And that means engagement pics are officially booked. Ohhhhhhhhhhmygod. I could pee.

We got a great deal too so it’s costing us like $860 each for hotel, flight, and car rental.

Anyway. I had a day from hell.
I have a lot to finish up and I need to run to CVS for vitamins… and probably alcohol. Lol.

DE_mkately November 24, 2020

wow, really bright, much better than mine!

Hopelessly Imperfect November 24, 2020

The foam are really nice, im going to see if I can find a photo of ours we used them for table centerpieces for our rehearsal dinner. That's a great deal for hotel, flight and car

balancedmom November 24, 2020

My daughter did paper flowers for hers. Haha, like bought them.

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