IM MENTALLY EXHAUSTED in Mental Struggles....

  • Nov. 20, 2020, 8:47 a.m.
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Hey everyone!! I am very new here but not new to online journaling. I am here in hopes that I can share my thoughts and struggles and get healthier. I hope that I am able to meet someone who may struggle with similar things and we together, can work on becoming healthy mentally.

So.. ill just start here with the basics… I am very negative. I struggle to see the good in anything. If things are going well for me its always in my mind that at some point something bad just has to happen. I got married in January of this year and I cant seem to shake the thought that at some point my husband is either going to cheat on me or leave me. If he isnt texting me I assume im not a priority and that he doesnt even care about me. I dont trust at all and that stems from being cheated on in my previous relationship… I always think everyone is out to get me and ruin my life. I am pretty much insanely jealous.... My husband is tired and if changes arent made i know its inevitable that he and i will split. He has issues as well, i dont blame all of this on me, but i know alot of the fights we have stem from my negative thinking.....

Introduce yourself… Id love to have some friends to help me work through this with, and just some support to know I am not alone and I can get better!!


permanent daylight 7 days ago

Welcome to PB! I think you will find this a healthy endeavor and there is a welcoming community here. I hope you stick with it. Writing has helped me so much.

GMaddi permanent daylight ⋅ 7 days ago

I really hope this helps. I really do feel like my husband and I are at the point of divorce if I dont get better. I was always afraid to share my thoughts and feelings because I felt id be judged harshly because of them.... Hoping for the best!! Thank you for reaching out!

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