Date night... in 2020

  • Nov. 19, 2020, 10:47 a.m.
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I wish it was Friday.

I have a killer headache. I was SO tired last night and passing out on Andy at 8pm so I finally got ready for bed around 9. I think I passed out a little bit but was on and off until he finally came to bed. I think in the year he’s been living with me, this is the second time I ever went to bed without him. We always go together.
He came to bed around 10:30? I don’t remember. But I just passed out so hard. Woke up twice through the night because of the cat… then at 6:30 for the day. Still super tired.
I’m pretty sure because I passed out so hard, I slept really funky. My neck is killing me = my head is killing me.

Tonight, I have to run to my sister’s to get my ornaments. I don’t have a basement so she’s my storage unit.

Tomorrow, after work… Ann and I are having a Christmas date night. We’re putting up the Christmas tree so Christmas music, decorating, adult hot chocolates. We’re baking cookies too. <3

Saturday morning we will finish the outdoor decorations.
Oh. We also have a date night planned for Saturday too! I bought a ticket to a drive through Christmas light display thing. We don’t have to do it tomorrow but we’re going to be in the area.

So much Christmas!

Sunday… we have nothing and I am excited for that too. I am spending all day in pajamas. I am doing nothing. I am napping when I want. I am playing video games, watching movies.

Speaking of watching stuff- we started The Boys. I actually like this a lot more than I thought I would? I was kind of burnt out on all the superhero stuff for a little while after binging all the Marvel movies but this is good. It’s different. It’s short. We’re almost done with season 1 and only 8 episodes in season 2. Then I have to pick the next show and there’s so much pressure! I actually really want to get him to watch a season of Big Brother. There’s one season in mind (it was the first I watched (I was late to the whole BB thing) - but still the best one I watched even though I haven’t watched in a few years). He doesn’t really like reality TV or stuff like this. He will watch it if I want but it’s not his favorite (yet he’s never given BB a chance).

Anyway. I’m gonna go get some work done. I’ve been so overwhelmed with everything and some nights I end up having to put unfinished in my drawers and I hate it. It keeps me up at night. My goal is always to get stuff done by the end of the night. So I want to get everything in order. Who knows with COVID- if I end up sick and can’t come in… I dont want things messed up. I want it easy for people to take over. Hopefully that will never be the case but you never know! We went grocery shopping yesterday and now I’m back to hating being in public. We stopped online orders for groceries a little while ago but now I’ll go back to them. They always get stuff wrong and I’ve even gotten expired stuff so that’s why I hate it..

I placed as online pick up order at Target the other day- went there to pick up and it was PACKED like COVID isn’t even a thing. I will avoid stores at all costs. I did do a curb side pick up from Menards though and that was great.

Idk. I’m rambling. Back to work.

sedentary November 19, 2020

you guys are so cute!

DE_mkately November 19, 2020

Think I need to go back to online grocery ordering too.

Chris keeps bringing up the boys. Glad to know you like it...

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