Focus in My Therapy Book

  • Nov. 18, 2020, 6:50 a.m.
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I woke up to a beautiful morning for Florida. 59 degrees and clear skies. You can’t ask for much better than that. It is an amazing way to start your day. Even though the day is starting out beautiful I feel it is going to be exhausting. everyday is exhausting these days. I have so much anger at so many people and trying to hold it in is wearing me out. When I do let it out nothing positive comes of it. It is a no win situations.

I have a very extensive list of stuff to do today because I have not been on task or focused for the last week. I just don’t feel like working and doing anything to tell the truth. There are something that need to be finished or I will have issues down the road and those are the ones I will focus on today. The pricing portal is up and working. I have been working on it for months and my office mate is driving me crazy. I bitch to S because I need someone to talk to and get it off my chest but then I feel bad because I am sure it is impacting his opinion of her and in the end might impact her employment.

Struggling With This Xylophone November 18, 2020

I hear this from so many fellow Floridians. I'm the opposite. As soon as it starts getting to weather like this I begin dreaming of March when it will be hot again.

lost soul Struggling With This Xylophone ⋅ November 18, 2020

I am have lived all over the east coast from Michigan to Florida and I love living here. Even so I do miss waking up in the morning to a crispiness in the air and frost on the grass. Just a couple of days not too many.

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