Wood flowers... (pics) in 2020

  • Nov. 17, 2020, 8:53 a.m.
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Anyone have any experience with sola wood flowers? We are debating using them for the wedding. I recently got a “beginners kit” and wanted to try the process before deciding on them 100% for wedding stuff.

I got a centerpiece kit and three colors. Dark red, navy blue and a dark purple/pinkish. (We are going jewel tones for wedding). It really didn’t come with any instructions so I looked up some stuff online but I think I messed up.

alt text

Started with my bare flowers and water. Videos online said to dump entire thing of dye in the water. The first dye was easy and poured right out but the other two could not budge.

alt text

I eventually got them in there… stirred and then just dipped.

alt text

They were not as dark as I wanted them to be… at all. And some of the random flowers they sent had brown wood on it that doesn’t dye- I don’t like those flowers and wouldn’t get them.

alt text

It doesn’t look TERRIBLE. At first I thought they were too spotty but Idk. I think drying time helped. They were still not the colors I wanted.

alt text

But I think I want to give it another shot before I decide on it. Maybe less water, more dye = darker (so I read). So I’ll order another kit and see how that goes.

I also got my flower box done!

alt text

alt text

Andy got the Christmas lights hung. We went to Menards earlier in the week to try to find some more decor but they did not have any left so the house isn’t fully done yet. I don’t know what else we’re going to do. I THINK we’re going to try to put the Christmas tree up this weekend though. Maybe. I really just want to be able to someday check up on some sleep. This weekend I was up at 530 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday. Wah.

I ordered a ticket for a drive through Christmas light display and he wants to make a date night out of it so I think we are doing that Saturday. We can’t really go out for dinner for said date night so… we’ll just make a picnic in the car or something. Idk.

Mr. Mofo November 17, 2020

Very pretty!

DE_mkately November 17, 2020

i've done them, mine didn't turn out as dark as i wanted either. i'm thinking i might try just straight painting them and see how that looks, i got a big box on etsy.

Empire of Lights DE_mkately ⋅ November 17, 2020

I mentioned that to Andy too and he said that would take foreverrrrrr... which it would lol. But idk!! I want a prettier color.

sedentary November 17, 2020

can you dip them more than once to get them darker?

Empire of Lights sedentary ⋅ November 17, 2020

Good question/suggestion! I dipped these a few times but maybe after they dry I could again. I did dump this batch of dye already but I just ordered another kit so maybe I'll try that if this one doesn't work out.

toddslife November 17, 2020

wow nice

SilentEcho November 18, 2020

Dip them longer? Think of them like Easter eggs....?

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