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  • Nov. 16, 2020, 12:54 p.m.
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Looking at trump’s most recent tweets, he has gone completely unhinged. I watched this interview of trump’s niece where she provides a personal account of trump and his psychology (malignant narcissism), I am more sure now that he is a conman.

This interview was months before the election, but she touches on very key psychological aspects, such as trump’s unwillingness to concede and how he twists losing as “illegitimate” so feels he can never lose. He never blames himself either; it does fall in line with the black-and-white rhetoric he uses and that his supporters keep parroting, where he absolves himself of blame and then redirects the blame onto Democrats or those of the Democratic party like Obama, Biden or Hillary Clinton.

He created a fund, which supposedly is to help him “protect against voter fraud” (even though there remains zero proof). However, when a person donates, say, $500, over half of it ($300) pays off his campaign debts or is basically for personal use. The remaining goes to combating fake election fraud, etc. But, considering how the bulk of donations are for his own personal interests, he’s basically grifting. He is duping his stupid supporters out of their money as much as possible. All the while, he is undermining democracy and inciting civil unrest to motivate his base into emptying their pockets.

I can’t believe 73 million people voted for this narcissist, and that millions are getting swindled right before our eyes.

Today I read the newspapers of other developed nations, and it’s such a stark contrast to what’s on our headlines. They strike me as so sane, liberal (not “liberal” as in a political party, but liberal as in “favorable to progress or reform”–it’s an actual dictionary term), and not like the shitshow that is USA. We’re living in a dystopian novel. We’ve spiraled into a hellhole.

I miss those days when we watched populist leaders like Sarah Palin and saw it for the reality TV, ridiculousness it was. Things like that didn’t have a place in politics… Until it did.

trump is basically the glorified version of sarah palin on steroids. -.-

I want trump to get impeached now. Thousands are dying, and in street brawls between his supporters and their opposition, he labeled the opposition as “antifa” (in fact, they are pro-biden supporters rallying in a BLM plaza) and further fanned the flames of civil unrest. Not what a leader is supposed to do. Especially when they were all Americans.
Dear America, just fucking get rid of him.

Ugh it’s like trying to break off a marriage with a narcissist. They always go down fighting tooth and nail to make your life absolute shit, and it always ends badly.

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