stained with wine and gravy in 1% better

  • Nov. 15, 2020, 9:25 a.m.
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Rain this morning. It seems like a long, long time since it has rained. It’s nice. Sunday morning. Big mug of coffee. ‘Jazz in the background’ Spotify playlist. I laid in bed waiting for the doodle to come down. Listening to a newsy podcast about coping with the pandemic. People are bored and riddled with anxiety. Coping how they can with the stress and change of routines.

I don’t know. I’m just coasting.
I was already coasting.

In terms of income, I’m in maintenance mode. I have enough money in the bank so long as I don’t spend too much before I retire. I was in maintenance mode before this started.

When I bumped into Crazylegs a few weeks ago, she reminded me that her pension was based on the last three years of service and that sales into the glossy mag has been falling off the past few years, not to mention this year.

She said, “I remember you said that it was best to quit when you at the top of your game. I should have quit when you quit.”

That was ten years ago and I already wasn’t at the top of my game. I’d been calling it in for a couple of years. I was at the top of my game two years before that, before Big Mother cancelled my business mag and wiped out 1/3 of my income.

Tino Bernard doesn’t call me back, but he texts saying that he is busy being a new grandpa and busy with year end with the condo board. He was near the top based on his last three years when he finally retired. Man, he talked about it for years. He had a folded up piece of paper that he carried with him with his pension calculations on it. It was stained with wine and gravy. I hope he kept that. Should have had it framed.

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