Workouts, Goodies & Dreams in Shared Moments

  • Nov. 21, 2020, 8:52 a.m.
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Last night I did a 56-minute workout video but no walking. Tonight I did a 23-minute vid and will add some bursts of walking.

Walmart gave us another goody bag which helps make up for their fuck-ups like how two of his single servings of Pringles potato chips were missing from the pack. I asked if he thought the driver stole them but he thinks they just grabbed one with a couple missing and didn’t notice. I suppose this is possible since I went to grab a case of wine before he noticed that one bottle was missing.

The goodie bag was similar to the last one. A couple of snack bars that were fruity and nutty, another pack of Unstoppables, the same toothpaste sample, and the same two Starbucks K-Cups.

Got some salmon fillets for the first time and OMG, they came out great! I pan-fried them with light olive oil and some frozen mushroom slices. I sprayed everything with butter spray, too.

I only remember one dream from last night. I was standing outside in the evening talking to a couple with three kids that were on their way to a restaurant. I don’t know if I knew Tom or not, but they were neighbors that were going to be moving soon and I was kind of disappointed because they have been good neighbors. The couple was very easygoing.

The woman was saying something about throwing something up into the sky that would glow like a miniature moon.

Then they invited me to accompany them to the restaurant they were going to. I glanced at the kids as they were being loaded into the back of their van and hoped they wouldn’t be too loud and annoying as I agreed to join them.

At the restaurant, the husband excused himself to use the bathroom or something and the woman asked me what I did. I said I did a number of different things online and then she showed me a small notebook with all different kinds of handwriting that one of her kids did.

Then I glanced at the kids across the table and at the other end of it and realize they hadn’t said a single word the entire time. There was one girl and two boys that ranged from around age 8 to 12. The girl looked at me and I thought she had beautiful big brown eyes. They were made up nicely and looked very adult-like which I thought was a bit strange since she was so young.

Mamie 2 days ago

sucks that Walmart fucked up your order

J🌞DI Mamie ⋅ 1 day ago

Yeah, but we also got some free goodies.

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