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  • Nov. 17, 2020, 2:24 a.m.
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“I WON THE ELECTION!” Trump still shouts on Twitter. Twitter, which although adds the truth to these bullshit tweets, continues to ply the bastard with a platform to make these false claims.

These delusional cries of victory have me unsure as to whether or not I should laugh at the craziness of it or cringe at how evident it is that the president, someone who’s supposed to be a hell of a lot more with it than this prick is, could possibly be this out of his fucking mind.

You didn’t win, you subhuman piece of shit, just like you and your equally fucked up wife probably never had the virus. That was just another publicity stunt, no doubt, that did you no good in the end.

As for the virus itself, things always take longer than expected. Always. So I’m really worried that no matter how we go out of here, we’re not going to go out when we plan to. I just wonder how many months were going to be delayed. This is just fucking ridiculous too. I’m not going to be “teased” with moving year after year. Eventually, I’m going to give up and just accept that this was where I was meant to be, like it or not, and start doing what we can to soundproof the place. I don’t want it to come down to that, of course, but I don’t want to waste time struggling for what isn’t meant to be either. Instead of waiting for something that isn’t going to happen, I could be spending that time more productively. I swear it’s like the story of my life is waiting to get out of places I’ve been stuck in and that I don’t want to be in! Right now I still think we will indeed get out of here next year. I just don’t know if it will be the April or May we planned.

Had a dream we were living in the country and I was doing something outside for hours, though I don’t know what. Two or three loud dogs were barking their asses off on the property next to us but I refused to drown them out with headphones or whatever because I wanted to try to finally make myself get used to it. No chance with that in real life otherwise I would have gotten used to that shit a long time ago!

These days, which I’m guessing is due to the virus, the biggest annoyance is the morning commercial planes. Runner-up to that would be the freeway and helicopters throughout the night but that comes and goes depending on the direction of the wind.

This is the longest the guy across the street has gone (that I know of) without sawing. Something must have happened to him if he didn’t get complained of because I can’t believe he would just stop. That’s not something guys like that get sick of any more than people like me get sick of writing.

Still loving my new massager. It’s not just great for lying on my stomach and placing on my back but also for lying on my side and wedging it between my back and the body pillow. My back is narrower than most people’s, so it doesn’t have a wide massage span when I’m lying on my stomach and letting it do my back. When I place it in the small of my back, it kind of reminds me of someone kneading the area with their thumbs. When I turn it the long way when lying on my side, then it has a wider reach.

Decided to start doing the exercise videos that Tom’s gotten addicted to doing. Team Body Project. They’re good for seniors because a lot of the videos are low impact. I like the way he’s now able to do them even when he’s tired and just the way he says they make him feel in general. He didn’t expect it to take this long, saying he always heard 6 weeks was when to expect any real change, but he feels it’s helping his metabolism overall the longer he does them.

I was doing better but now the random bouts of fatigue are setting in again. I’ve been tired for the last couple of days even though I have made myself do some walking up and down the house and started with a 10-minute video today. Maybe I’ll do another one later.

Not gonna diet per se. I’m going to focus more on ingredients than calories. Every now and then I like variety and I’ve been getting a little too carby lately. Fortunately, I don’t like to have bread, rice and pasta often anyway. So definitely going to back off of that as well as things like potatoes and sugar. I’ll allow myself one sugary treat a week.

I didn’t get a great sleep score today and yesterday. I’ve learned that what may be good sleep scores for some isn’t good for everyone. I feel better when I get sleep scores of 89 or 90. But when I get 86 or 87, I tend to be tired.

I woke up unable to breathe at one point. My nose was stuffy and I considered putting a breathing strip across my nose before bed but didn’t. My mouth was closed and I was sleeping on my stomach when I woke up unable to get enough air in because my nose was stuffy. It only lasted a few seconds, though, and then I was out again.

Really like these Bolthouse smoothies I started trying. They make fruit and vegetable smoothies, and I was thinking that these might be a great way to replace perishable fruits and veggies. I’m always in a race against time trying to hurry up and finish this and that before it expires but this way I wouldn’t have to play that game. It would cost a little more but be worth it. It’s not processed in any way. They just blend the stuff. They don’t add anything to it so it’s no different than me getting the Ingredients in making a smoothie myself. I don’t usually count calories but I like how everything is measured for me and I know exactly how much I’m getting of what. They recommend 1 to 1 1/2 cups a day of fruit and 2 to 2 1/2 cups a day of veggies.

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Mamie November 17, 2020

I hope your exercise videos go well :)

J🌞DI Mamie ⋅ November 17, 2020

It did! Did it twice so far today.

toddslife November 17, 2020

agree Trump probably never had the virus. That was just another publicity stunt

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