We're not in Xingyi anymore, Dorothy in 1% better

  • Nov. 14, 2020, 7:46 a.m.
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I’m not fashionable. I’m not a clothes horse. I’m not a spendthrift. I’ve never sold an old car. I drive them till they stop and then I either abandoned them (in Banquio) or have them towed away for scrap (in Ontario). The last three or four vehicles I bought have been used, a couple of a few years old. Still good. Lots of life ahead of them.

I’ve got clothing from many lives ago, last century. They are still good, way out of style but retro now. I’ve got a sweater that actually belonged to my college roommate’s girlfriend’s father. It’s rayon, an advanced material from the 60s, a precursor to nylon of the 70s. It’s still good. I make a point to wear it at least once a year. It will often get a positive comment, or a somewhat positive comment. “I didn’t get the memo that it was ugly sweater day.”

I bought a vintage t-shirt at a Chinese night market. People notice.

I don’t like sporty clothes. I like lounging clothes. I like wool socks and sweaters. I like cotton t-shirts and underpants.

I have to buy a new laptop. This old machine is just too old and since the last update does not have the memory space I need for my movie-making hobby. I hate the redundancy of having two laptops. I have an old iPhone that I use only to listen to Spotify.

One of the Youtubers I watch - Living in China, lives in one of many new Chinese cities. He says it’s a fifth-tier city. It’s getting a Burger King soon. He walks around with his camera. Everything is new in Xingyi. It is all planned with open spaces, retail on the bottom, apartment units reaching for the sky. It is like Disney World for consumers

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