I have a problem. in 2020

  • Nov. 13, 2020, 9:19 a.m.
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I come here often and write little entries about whatever is going on at the moment.
I never save them because usually they are pointless… or because I don’t want to put you guys through the pain of logging in to see 98 unread entries just from me alone.

I come here and write long entries unloading everything and … never finish so never save them.

So then by the time I come here and actually want to write, I’m over it to the point where my entries are just summarized bullet points. HERE.

  • We found and 90% booked the photographer for Montana. I found her. I loved her and she’s UNDER BUDGET. She will always be doing out engagement photos in June 2021.

  • We found and 99% booked our DJ for the at home reception. We just have to pay the deposit which will be done this weekend.

  • We found and 90% booked the photographer for the at home reception. This was a harder task than I thought it would be but we chatted with her on the phone yesterday for about 40 minutes and she’s great. Her package was on budget but included 2 photographers. We really only need one so she offered $300 off for just her alone… which puts her under budget so wooo. Go me and my budgeted finds.

  • I am almost $1,000 under budget for both photographers and about $150 under for my DJ. And these people are AMAZING. I like them a lot.

  • MOH will be getting her “proposal box” in the mail today.

  • I’m asking the other bridal party this weekend. Andy asked two of his guys already. The only one left would be his brother but we know that won’t be an issue.

  • With all of this- I am done with wedding stuff for a little while. We don’t need to book anymore vendors until it gets a little closer. We’re booking out June 2021 Montana trip this month.

  • I don’t need this for a while either but if anyone knows/loves any bakeries in/around Milwaukee area (SE WI.)- let me know. We can bring in any desserts from a licensed bakery. We want a dessert table so we want lots and lots of cookies. Maybe brownies, donuts, MAYBE cupcakes but more likely no cakes, any other sweet thing that I can’t think of. Sweets aren’t really my thing.

  • There was a propane leak at my work last night and the entire building smells. “Oh it’ll be fine, just air it out” - bosses. It smells. We are all going to leave here today with headaches.

  • Oh! Andy is putting up the Christmas lights this weekend :) :) :) We ran to the store last night to get more yard decor but everything we wanted was out. I’m never in love with my Christmas decor. I don’t know how to do lights. OH AND months ago I bought cute blue pillow covers for my couch pillows for Christmas and… now my curtains are green I feel like blue will clash so bad. So … hello waste of money. I don’t know what else to go with. I could do red but then we have the whole red/green thing going on and my tree is gold/white so I’ll figure something out. Who knew I’d make the process of pillow decor so difficult.

DE_mkately November 13, 2020

i'm kinda depressed about the holidays and not getting to be with my family and so i am buying way too much christmas stuff to cheer me up. lol. i just bought a light up shark with a santa hat... because that's really necessary esp when i have no idea where i can even put it due to outlets outside not working or being oddly located lol

Empire of Lights DE_mkately ⋅ November 13, 2020

I have the SAME problem with outdoor outlets. I actually don't even have any on my house. We bought so many extension cords and ran them to my garage. It's a PAIN which is why I'm glad Andy deals with it now. Haha. But yes a light up shark with a santa hat seems right up your alley!

The holiday season is going to be so rough this year :( :(

DE_mkately Empire of Lights ⋅ November 13, 2020

Yeah I should make the man handle it. But he's headed into his busy season so he's gonna be no hope lol.

Yeah I'm sad about it. And that makes me sad because it's my first Xmas with a little one of "my own"! (but of course we won't get her too much either)

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