NoJoMo - #13 in NoJoMo 2020

  • Nov. 13, 2020, 12:40 a.m.
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13: You are in an escape room. What three people (anyone) would you have with you?

Can I start by saying that I would NOT voluntarily take part in an escape room - being shut in, anywhere, is not a game as far as I’m concerned. So I’m gonna treat this as if it’s a bad dream or a genuine emergency. Okay, the magic three:

  1. My erstwhile Eastern European love, initials LL, because he’s still the smartest, strongest, bravest person I’ve ever known. That’d be handy in itself, and it’d also make me more likely to hold it together no matter how frightened I was - whatever there was to be scared of, it couldn’t be worse than losing his respect. Sad but true.

  2. The guy who trained me up back when I was an apprentice. Because he used to be a fireman, and if there’s one thing I’m more scared of than being shut in it’s being shut in somewhere that’s on fire. If he were there I’d trust him to spot any potential fire hazards so’s I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

  3. Mateusz Kieliszkowski, cos it might be handy to have somebody really, really strong for… I dunno, moving stuff. And failing that at least there’d be something nice to look at.

I was gonna have a computer-geek type for spotting patterns and cracking codes but I’ve run out of people so I guess that’ll have to be me. Could I manage that? Yeah, I reckon so - besides, all the C++ literate people I know would be annoyingly helpless in a physical crisis. Horrifically cliched I know, but also true.

Lucretia November 13, 2020

I like your reasoning!

I'd happily tag along for spotting patterns and breaking codes.

Midorinokaeru Lucretia ⋅ November 14, 2020

Oooh, well if you're on board then I could sack the ex-fireman, do the fire-watching myself and leave the de-coding to you..?

Lucretia Midorinokaeru ⋅ November 14, 2020

Works for me! I'm pretty handy in a pinch :)

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