11/10 in Dreams

  • Nov. 11, 2020, 7:21 p.m.
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Back story: There has been this “issue” at work that really doesn’t involve me. I pay the bills. Some checks that I turned over to the crazy owner, he isn’t happy about, and doesn’t want to pay. They are freight bills, so we kind of have no choice. A vendor shipped us items on our account, per our request. We got the items. He doesn’t want to pay for the items either, until the “shipping issue” is resolved. I personally can’t wait for UPS to put our account on hold for not paying bills.

The person who ordered the stuff is a manager named Steve. The owner has put ME in charge of the issues HE has, and told me I need to “stay on top of Steve” until they are resolved. Steve also thinks this is stupid. Anyway, Steve and I have had multiple talks/meetings about these bills. We are getting nowhere with the owner, he won’t budge. Yesterday we met for over 30 minutes and then I spent 20 more minutes writing an email to the owner about what is going on and what we need to pay. He ended up writing back that he is “not inclined to pay any of these bills.” Um, ok. We are talking about over $10k worth of freight and product bills.

So! My dream was more like a nightmare cause it seemed so real. I leave for the day when Steve goes to lunch, he is the night manager. In my dream both of our cars were parked directly in front of my building. I was leaving and was going to lock up, when Steve came up behind me and asked me to hold the door cause he was going to lunch. Then we looked outside and the owner was standing in between our cars to talk to us about this shit again.

Neither one of us wanted to go outside to talk to him, so we just sat in the lobby waiting for him to leave. I was like, “I just want to go home.” Steve was like, “I just want to go to lunch.” We knew even if we locked the door from the inside and went out the back, the owner would still be there and there was no way to get to our cars without talking to him. So we just stayed in the lobby until I woke up.

Ferret Mom November 11, 2020

I'm surprised the owner wasn't getting a piggyback ride from Jesus in your dreams since he and Jesus are such buddies.

music & dogs & wine Ferret Mom ⋅ November 11, 2020


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