Richer for the experience in Morning Stream

  • Nov. 11, 2020, 8:40 a.m.
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What’s better than found money? Not much, right?

I owe it to my new hobby, getting me out and about, out in the big world. I’ve been going out in the afternoons for the past couple of weeks, with my cameras, out doing ‘walking around’ videos, posting them in the evenings. Yesterday afternoon was no different, except I thought I’d venture down to Krawttown’s main street for a walkabout and get the van washed before that.

There’s a self-wash place not far from the ranch, four or five bucks will get most of the dirt off with a high pressure hose. 22C, great day for a much needed car wash.
I rinse, air dry.

So I get that done and head down into the heart of Krawttown. I’m driving on one of the main streets, a four-lane, Weaver’s Road, when I see what looks like Canadian money blowing around on the road. Twenties are green. Tens are purple and fives are blue. Our money, though shaped like it always was, is plastic now. It blows in the wind like paper money, or popsicle wrappers, like garbage does when it finds itself on a busy road.

I was between lights when I came out of the car wash so I had the road all to myself. If it is money, I am the first one to drive by or the first to notice.
The first to stop.

I pull into the first side street, get out and walk back to where I ran over, ran through the money. It is up on the sidewalk now, scattered here and there on the side of the road. A lot. Quite a few bills. There are a couple of guys in the intersection. They are picking up bills too. But we are at least thirty metres apart and I quickly scoop up as much as I see, which turns out to be $75 dollars. Three twenties, one ten and one fiver. I quickly head back to the van and drive on, richer for the experience.
What’s better than found money?

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