OctoPhoMo 2013 in Announcements and General Info

  • Sept. 17, 2013, 10:36 a.m.
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01 Selfie OR What’s in your bag?

02 Different Angles OR Everyday Activities

03 Family Tradition OR Bright Colours

04 Childhood OR Sparkle/Sparkling

05 Circles OR Squares

06 Smartphone Background Screenshot OR Desktop Background Screenshot

07 Gardens OR Leaf Piles

08 Pink (in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness) OR Purple (in honour of Domestic Violence Awareness)

09 Bike Rides OR Breakfast

10 Chores OR Errands

11 Laughing OR Crying

12 Dinner Prep OR Treasured Jewelry

13 Book You’re Reading OR Holding Hands

14 Thanksgiving OR Relaxing

15 Pumpkin Patch/Pumpkins (not carved) OR Apples

16 Cats OR Dogs

17 Movie Night OR Backyards

18 Board Game OR Card Game

19 Refrigerator Magnets OR Before & After

20 Nightmare OR Fantasy

21 Most Loved OR Most Disliked

22 Hugs OR Kisses

23 Withered OR Smooth

24 Flame OR Ice

25 Dawn OR Dusk

26 Clean OR Dirty

27 Ghosts/Ghouls OR Vampires/Witches

28 Autumn Field OR Autumn Road

29 Warm Clothes OR Creepy Crawly

30 Haunted House OR Dress-Up/Costumes

31 Jack-o-Lanterns OR Favourite Halloween Treat

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