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  • Nov. 10, 2020, 8:19 a.m.
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The plan was to be back in Taiwan this year at this time. It’s all set up. My summer clothes and folding bicycle, my swimming pool tickets are all there waiting. My real estate websites still send me apartments to consider and it seems to me that the prices are going up.
(They are not going up as fast as here though, so I guess this is a net gain.)
If I’m really going to retire in Taiwan, I’m going to need a place bigger than 12 ping. 20 ping would be good.
(A ping is a Taiwanese measurement left over from the Japanese times. It is the same as Japanese Tsubo. 1 ping = 35.58 Square feet.)

Yesterday was 22C. Today will have a similar high. We are having one last blast of great weather.
I went out with my camera and did another ‘walking around’ video. I did it as much for the walk as for the video. It’s a great hobby that way. Forces me out to do my 7000 steps and then the very basic of editing and uploading. Simple, independent, active, somewhat creative hobby.

The walking around videos are a real rabbit hole for me. I don’t know where I started watching them, but youtube is an endless fountainhead of content. Johnny Strides led me to Action Kid led me to Tomdnyc, who does excellent walking tours of New York City. He’s the best. And there are a dozen more people dong walking around, some do driving around and others bike around, some with narration, many without. It doesn’t matter to me. I’ve always got one going on one of my monitors. If I ever opened a bar or a coffee shop, I’d have walking around videos on instead of sports or news. Much more relaxing.

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