Long story short? in 2020

  • Nov. 9, 2020, 12:43 p.m.
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Meet guy online 15 years ago. Friends on Myspace. Friends on FB. Never met in person.

Guy asked to hang a few times YEARS ago. No interest. Still stayed FB friends but rarely talk.

Fast forward to present time. Andy and I are lazy and hungry so we order delivery.
Delivery was supposed to be contactless. That’s ALL they offer, that’s all we wanted and I even typed in where to leave the food.

I hear a knock at the door and I’m closer so I get up. I figured they were just letting me know it arrived. Open door. Dude ^^ is the delivery guy, standing there. I take food, say thank you and close door.

I tell Andy I knew of the dude. Tell him he’s FB friend but never met.
Two seconds later, I get an FB message from him. “Did I just deliver food to you?”

Weird. Being it was supposed to be contactless, I’m assuming he recognized the name and knocked like a creep. Andy didn’t like it one bit.

The positive that comes out of it is… Andy now wants to go to the door whenever food is delivered. Hahaha.

Weekend was good. Andy told me his ex (daughter’s mother) told him that she was checking the messages daughter was sending to people and she (daughter) was telling her friends how cool her “step mom” is. Guys. GUYS. This was so shocking to me because I just never really got that vibe from her but awwwwwwwwwwww. She called me her step mom and thinks I’m cool. I think that news was needed after the other weekend.

I don’t know what else.
I’m PRETTY SURE I found the photographer for Montana. My budget was $2,200. She’s only $1,500 and her pics are GORGEOUS. She’s less hours than what others offer but we don’t need a lot of hours. And that includes an engagement session. STOKED. Waiting on her getting back to me with contract.

The photographer I like at home is $1,500 and that’s my max budget for this one. Photographers around here are just much cheaper. Lol. We haven’t decided on that one for sure yet.

DJ is under budget at $855. (Budget was $1,000)

Woo. I love being less than budget! Lol. I’m excited about these things.

Annnnnnnnd we got a sample of the Sola wood flowers so I’m going to try working with those to see how easy that all is.

Speaking of budgets and money. In May, I mailed in my mortgage payment check. I noticed it never cleared my bank so I called and asked and they said it did. I double checked. It didn’t. They said on their end, it cleared, etc etc. We went back and forth for a while and they assured me it cleared and we were all set. My statements showed no payment was due.
I was checking my bank account yesterday and guess what went through on OCT 6TH? May’s mortgage payment. I had money to cover it obviously but bummmmmmmmmmer. Lol. I thought I had more money than I did! Haha.
I’m actually legit proud of my money situation lately. Without being TMI because people get weird about money- I used to struggle A LOT. You guys know this. I very much lived paycheck to paycheck (and sometimes not even that) but now I have a nice cushion. I could pay months worth of all my bills with that I have in my bank account and we even have a savings account. I would have a lot more money if I wasn’t spending it nonstop on everything I don’t need but still. It’s an amazing feeling not to struggle anymore. Those of you who never had to go through that, consider yourself blessed because it is NOT fun.

Anyway. I got my period last night and it’s kicking my ass today. I just want to go home and be lazy but… can’t do that. Work for 4 more hours, run errands for work to the post office and FedEx, grocery store pick up, unload groceries, start dinner, finish up some laundry and I don’t know. Probably in time for ACNH dailies (I’M ONE PHOTO AWAY from having all my villagers photos), shower and bed.

Andy and I finished 13 Reasons Why (his choice. I was not / am not a fan) so we need a new series to start. I think “The Boys” is on the list but so is Dexter. Dexter is my choice… but I just hope he likes it. I know it gets bad after season 4?? I never finished it.

K. Short story turned into long entry.

sedentary November 09, 2020

That's so strange. Boys coming outta the woodwork since you got engaged LOL

DE_mkately November 09, 2020

you cool stepmom you! how sweet!

JustSurviveSomehow November 09, 2020

Aww that's sweet! Especially because it came right at a time where you were feeling down about your relationship with her. I liked the first 2 seasons of 13 Reasons, but after that, it got really weird.

colojojo November 16, 2020

Wow, what a small world with that guy!

And that was sweet of your soon-to-be-step-daughter :)

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