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  • Nov. 9, 2020, 6:16 a.m.
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It’s late, but tomorrow I plan to go back to my regular schedule. I feel like this whole week my eyes have just been glued to the news.
I think if there’s anything I am going to pull away from this election, it is engaging in my civic duties. I just find the news so fascinating now; I find politics fascinating, versus in the past when I had ignored it as much as possible.
I am curious about the deep divides in USA. Why did the Democratic party fail at reaching a particular voter base that had supported them in the past? Why did Donald Trump have such a strong voter turnout? I mean, who is supporting him or what needs of theirs did he manage to reach or speak to? What about this election year inspired 145 million Americans to come vote, and furthermore, become almost evenly split in the results?
Trump supporters continuously call Kamala “vicious” and are wary of her, yet those on the other side of the aisle can see her as president one day. Where is this dissonance coming from?

I’ve decided to put reading the newspaper on a daily basis into my regular schedule. I mean, I had gotten into the habit of reading the news via looking into updates about the stimulus package, COVID and the economy lately. But, now I am really curious about US regions as well. Did you know that CA voted blue, but they also struck down Affirmative Action? Or that FL voted to keep the minimum wage?
There are sides to these stories that I have yet to know; dynamics that boom and bust.
I’m curious about how things develop. I’ve never really paid attention to the world outside of myself to be honest; being an introvert, I was always very wrapped up in my own mind, pursuits, etc.

So the plan is to read APNews daily, since it is an objective news source–for no longer than 15 minutes. For the remaining 45 minutes I plan to read articles from 3 different states. I’ll probably cycle through all 50 states every 2-3 weeks, and I’ll be able to check in on state #`1 again before a month has passed.

I am just curious to see how regions develop, who the people consist of, their values and preferred policies. I feel like I can probably understand the divides better if I do this, and my hope is what I’ll really discover, which are the things that bring us together.

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